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A website needs a clear goal, most have more than one. These need to be chosen and measured, adjusted or changed to suit the business. Some websites are purely informational and that is the only goal, this can include news websites to corporate companies. Some websites will have a goal of data capture such as gyms, a simple goal to capture the data of potential new customers with others wishing to offer a full e-commerce experience. The important thing for us at CTRW is to find out your requirement before we begin to design anything.

A good website will win you more leads. Having a website is a great way to gain new leads for your business. You can give your customers information, show off your work and provide them with a direct method of contacting you. To find out more about having a website that works for your business we have produced a short animation.

But, just because you have a website doesn’t mean you’re going to get leads. Your website represents your business and it needs to clearly deliver your message to your customers. The website needs to have the right look and feel to match your business and it’s crucial now that they work on mobile devices.

A good website will earn your business money; a bad website will do more than cost you money. CTRW have a fantastic team of marketing experts to work alongside graphic designers to produce something that will look great and to work to amazing results.

Our goal will be focused on reaching your goal whether that be to show off your amazing work, to give as much information to your existing clients as possible, to allow consumers to shop on-line through your website. We need to know your goal to give us a goal. Not sure what your goal is? No problem, we can help with that too.